Why Priority Business Services Ltd is the Best Choice for Bookkeeping, HR, Payroll, Bid Writing, and Project Management for Churches and Charities 

Why Choose Priority Business Service Ltd?

Priority Business Services Ltd, led by Helen Armstrong, has proven itself as an exemplary partner for churches and charities, offering a comprehensive suite of services that transcend traditional bookkeeping and accounting. Their extensive experience and commitment to the not-for-profit sector make them the ideal choice for organisations seeking reliable and multifaceted support.

We offer specialised accounting and bookkeeping services designed specifically for churches & charities

Exceptional Bookkeeping and Accounts Management

Clients commend Helen for her meticulous approach to managing day-to-day bookkeeping and full accounting functions. One client noted, “Helen has undertaken the invoicing, bank reconciliation, and preparation of monthly and yearly accounts with unparalleled professionalism and ethical conduct.” Her close monitoring of financial performance has provided trustees with essential insights, enabling informed decision-making. Helen’s strategic advice during trustee meetings has been invaluable, showcasing her dedication to supporting organisational goals.

Beyond Financial Management: HR and Event Planning

A key differentiator of Priority Business Services Ltd is their ability to extend support beyond financial management. One client praised Helen’s contribution, stating, “Helen has been brilliant in her help and advice to the charity in matters outside of finance, supporting HR functions and planning events and initiatives.” This comprehensive support has been crucial in helping charities navigate complex HR functions and organise successful events that align with their missions. Helen’s multifaceted approach highlights the extensive experience and dedication that Priority Business Services Ltd brings to the table.

Expertise You Can Trust

Excellence in Project Management

Helen’s project management skills have also received high praise. In one significant project involving multiple organisations and substantial funding, Helen played a central role from the original bid through to project completion. A client remarked, “Without Helen fulfilling the Project Manager role, we would not have been able to deliver the goals and outcomes of the joint venture.” Her meticulous oversight of financial details, coordination of monthly partner meetings, and compliance with reporting requirements ensured the project’s success.

When faced with underperforming projects, Helen demonstrated exceptional initiative by reallocating funds to other projects. One client highlighted, “Helen handled the recasting of funds with fairness, ensuring all partners benefited and maintained strong relationships.” This flexibility and fairness in handling complex financial and organisational challenges were key to the project’s success and the sustainability of partnerships beyond the project’s lifespan.

Seamless Transition to Xero and Comprehensive Advisory Services

Recognising the growing complexity of a client’s finances, Helen facilitated a smooth transition from spreadsheet-based accounts to Xero, a more sophisticated accounting software. A client expressed gratitude, saying, “We’ve appreciated Helen’s expertise in setting up Xero and quickly capturing many months of transactions, allowing us to move to enjoying the benefits relatively painlessly.” This transition not only streamlined financial management but also provided greater efficiency and accuracy in accounting processes.

Helen also excelled in providing advisory services, particularly in setting up employment contracts, related correspondence, and developing crucial policies such as risk management and financial procedures. A client noted, “Her attention to detail and proactive approach has taken work away from the team delivering the charity’s objectives, leaving them free to concentrate on this important work.”

Commitment to Integrity and Professionalism

Throughout her engagements, Helen consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and ethical conduct. One client remarked, “Helen has always gone the extra mile for us, embodying her value of ‘serving the vision of others’.” This unwavering commitment has earned Priority Business Services Ltd a reputation for reliability and excellence.


Priority Business Services Ltd stands out as the premier choice for churches and charities seeking comprehensive support in bookkeeping, HR, payroll, bid writing, and project management. Helen Armstrong’s proven track record showcases her ability to deliver exceptional service, drive successful outcomes, and foster long-term partnerships. With their expertise and dedication, Priority Business Services Ltd is well-equipped to support the unique needs of the not-for-profit sector, ensuring organisations can thrive and achieve their missions.